Cattle Fair, Magadi 2016

Kishore, 5 year old holds his oxen for last time as the trader buys both oxen for ₹38,500. Kanta father of Kishore who hails from Turuvekere says children gets emotionally attached to the cattle which stays around 1 or 2 year with them. And it takes time for them to get accommodated to new one.


Cattle fair serves as a platform for farmers to meet and exchange their resources and ideas. Farmers from Magadi region get insights of latest happenings of North Karnataka region and vice versa. These fairs happen in Harvest season during the month of January to April. Cattle fairs are more like a pilgrimage for the farmers who decorates the cattle in their yard before it leaves for the fair. They worship the newly bought cattle before it enter to its new abode.

Magadi Cattle fair is one of the famous cattle fair of Karnataka which happens during the month of April for a week. It attracts people from nearby villages, districts and from States like Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Villagers staying in the proximity of 5 to 10 km from the fair travels by foot with their cattle.

2.jpgAnd people who stay far transports cattle through Van, Trucks etc.

3.jpgOne rupee coin with a small hair of oxen tail and its dung is placed in a small hole, pole will be placed to tie the cattle with thread. This ritual is followed by the villagers before they tie the thread attached to the cattle to the pole for the first time in the fair. This ritual is to ensure their trading process happen smoothly without any hurdles and to look forward for a fruitful year.

4.jpgAs I explore further to know more about the fair, Ramegowda from Mandur village near KR Pete region greets me and says he’s yet to sell his 5 oxen. He awaits for the traders from Haveri region.

5.jpgHorns do attract traders.

6.jpgExtra care is taken for the shape and sharpness of the horns.

7.jpgAge of the oxen can be found out through its tooth.

8.jpgPairs are most preferred than a lone one.



11.jpgGoing back to the roots, Diwan of Princely state of Mysore, Sir. M. Visvesvaraya is seen in the bullock cart.

12.jpgWhen I thought I wouldn’t watch any trade today, fresh batch of pair of Oxen came from the truck and minutes later it got sold for ₹60,000.

Like a test ride, taken for a walk to check the pair.

13.jpgAdvance of ₹5,000 is being paid. Interesting to see the cash exchange.


15Ramlinge Gowda with his pair of oxen says he plans to sell the pair for
₹1, 00,000 which he bought it for ₹90,000 last year. On question about his hometown, he quickly adds that he comes from Sandalwood actor Yogesh’s native Challakere.

16.jpgAnd when the sun is about to set.




20.jpgPreparation for dinner begins.

21.jpgColorful serial lights attracts me to take the Portrait.

22.jpgChandrakumar who works in a manufacturing unit in Bengaluru has come to his native for the cattle fair. He left his native 10 year ago in search of better living. He plans to sell a pair of Oxen for ₹1, 20,000 which he bought for ₹80,000 last year.

23.jpgAnd as few villagers move out in search of a hotel for the dinner, my journey of exploring Magadi Cattle fair ends.




5 thoughts on “Cattle Fair, Magadi 2016

  1. Brilliant depiction, fair came to life for me reading this post with all the captures and corresponding explanation 🙂 Hoping to catch the action live next year!


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